Thermal Management

Meccanica has upgraded existing heating and cooling systems to provide a laboratory grade manufacturing environment. Temperature control now satisfies a 20˚C (±1˚C) baseline.

Already blessed with a facility with high thermal mass, typical daytime temperature variations are naturally within a 4˚C temperature band (±2˚C). With additional CNC manufacturing capacity coming online, this temperature band has increased to 6˚C due to thermal load.

Thermal management is a critical issue in the manufacture of high tolerance parts. Furthermore, the typical Canberra climate; with its cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons affects productivity when active thermal management is not available.

Meccanica has already invested in a 40kW rooftop solar system that will offset the requirements of the high-efficiency thermal management system. The implementation of this thermal management system will ensure a stable working temperature between administration and engineering design areas, manufacturing, and quality control zones.

Meccanica will continue to invest in capabilities that enhance our customers experience.