Thermal Management

Meccanica has upgraded existing heating and cooling systems to provide a laboratory grade manufacturing environment. Temperature control now satisfies a 20˚C (±1˚C) baseline.

Already blessed with a facility with high thermal mass, typical daytime temperature variations are naturally within a 4˚C temperature band (±2˚C). With additional CNC manufacturing capacity coming online, this temperature band has increased to 6˚C due to thermal load.

Thermal management is a critical issue in the manufacture of high tolerance parts. Furthermore, the typical Canberra climate; with its cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons affects productivity when active thermal management is not available.

Meccanica has already invested in a 40kW rooftop solar system that will offset the requirements of the high-efficiency thermal management system. The implementation of this thermal management system will ensure a stable working temperature between administration and engineering design areas, manufacturing, and quality control zones.

Meccanica will continue to invest in capabilities that enhance our customers experience.








Meccanica orders new CNC lathe.

Meccanica has ordered a new DMG MORI CNC lathe to complement our existing NV 5000 vertical machining centre. Delivery of the NLX 2500 is scheduled for late October 2017, and will provide high-end precision turning capabilities in the Canberra region.

As a valued solution partner, the DMG MORI NLX 2500 embodies many of the same philosophies as Meccanica; including uncompromising quality and maximum performance.

Specifications for the NLX 2500/700 Y can be found in the DMG MORI datasheet.

Meccanica acquires Marco Engineering

Meccanica has successfully acquired Marco Engineering, with the aim of providing a unified technical and engineering service provider to our customers.

This acquisition will provide our customers with a unique capability in design for manufacture, precision engineering, and integration services.

More news to follow…