Space Testing Facility

Meccanica has successfully installed and commissioned an Australian designed and built thermal vacuum test facility for an Adelaide client.

The system features better than 1×10-6 torr baseline vacuum, and thermal control over the range of -150C to +150C.

Internal features include a 600mm x 600mm thermal platen, and D800mm x 900mm thermal shroud.

This system is designed to test small satellite payloads and includes a residual gas analyser (RGA) and cryogenic quartz crystal microbalance (CQCM).

Liquid nitrogen provides the cooling medium, and custom thick-film heaters provide the heating source.

Meccanica and our technical partner The Solution Centre have developed a system that is robust, scalable and locally supported.


Meccanica has installed a Zeiss O-DETECT optical measuring machine.

Meccanica acquires Marco Engineering

Meccanica has successfully acquired Marco Engineering, with the aim of providing a unified technical and engineering service provider to our customers.

This acquisition will provide our customers with a unique capability in design for manufacture, precision engineering, and integration services.

More news to follow…